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Become Despicable Me's mastermind Gru as he sets off on a series of Despicable heists to obtain components for his awesome Rocket Control an Army of Despicable Me's comical Minions. Command them to complete puzzles and missions Use an arsenal of Despicable weapons and gadgets like shrink rays, freeze rays, and web guns Fly Gru's aircraft in daring flight missions against his rival Vector

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ReleasedJan 01, 2010

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Based on the summer 2010 computer-animated feature film from Universal Pictures, D3Publisher's Despicable Me puts players in the role of Gru, maniacal mastermind and -- until recently -- the world's number one supervillain. The game involves platform puzzle solving with an evil genius theme. Players take command of obedient but quirky minions and use deviously designed gadgets to overcome obstacles and reach in-game goals. Other sequences have players running and jumping through set-piece sequences in free-flowing platform action. The interactive storyline is written to give players a sense of mischief and misbehavior, as they guide Gru through his self-assigned dastardly duties and (with a bit of help from some unexpected allies) on to a realization of a higher purpose.

  • Based on Universal Pictures' computer animated comedy adventure

  • Guide the dastardly Gru as he seeks to prove himself the world's worst supervillian

  • Solve tricky puzzles, command mischievous minions, be despicable

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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